Table 180 Tucks All Your Desk Neccessities Away

060909_tf_Table180.JPG The key to cutting down on visual clutter in a home is to have a place for everything and to keep everything in it’s place. There could not be a more fitting motto for this desk concept. With T
able 180 from Emili Manrique Diaz, everything, and we mean
everything, has a cozy home under the desk’s surface.

On the surface, these black or white tables look like clean, shiny and otherwise un-lived-in desks with parsons table proportions.

But a quick flip up of one of the panels reveals that an entire desk setup, complete with laptop, lamp and even an accordion-style file storage system.

This would be perfect for apartment dwellers with multi-tasking rooms. The table is a perfect task station for a kitchen or bedroom that’s able to transform into a full-function workspace at the flip of a hinged panel.