Tables, Chairs, and Shop Windows in Greece

More from our recent trip to Greece: Marble was everywhere! That, along with interesting tiles and unusual juxtapositions offered us an interesting view of restaurant and shop design. For the actual shopping, places were often all about single types of items (“the light store,” “the chair shop”) rather than a mix of furnishings and accessories. Click below for some highlights both inside and outside:

Top Row:
1. Bright Mediterranean colors for mod cafe seating (Mykonos)
2. Gorgeous marble table top with iron base and unexpected casual chairs paired up (Santorini)
3. Woven cafe chairs and marble table top (Athens)
4. Woven cafe chairs and marble table top (Athens)
5. Hanging pendant light clusters outside shops (Athens)

Bottom Row:
1. Lights, lamps, chandeliers (Athens)
2. Chairs, chairs, chairs (Athens)
3. Floral upholstered bar stools against Greek tiled walls (7 Jokers bar, Athens)

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