Taboo Bed Placements That Actually Work

published Mar 18, 2011
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are these rules of bed arrangement that – spoken or unspoken – apply to almost every bedroom. You know, place the bed so that it faces the door to the room, allow space on either side of the bed, don’t block windows with the bed. But these bedrooms break those rules and I still like them:

When you live in a tiny place with limited choices regarding furniture arrangement, you sometimes just have to break the rules. So, if you bedroom has you backed into a corner (literally) don’t despair! These examples show that going against the grain can work with a little ingenuity and unapologetic creativity.

  • 1: A headboard defines the end of this bed even though it’s up against a window. The headboard is nicely finished and would look just fine from outside the window, too.
  • 2: This bed is in a corner and blocks two windows. Yet it works because its headboard provides a place to rest your head instead of leaning against the window. Artwork and lighting are arranged around the corner to help work the bed into the corner instead of feeling smacked up against the wall.
  • 3: This bed is up against a wall, but lighting is still provided to both sides thanks to a hanging pendant. A quilt on the wall softens the wall along the side of the bed that’s in the corner.