Take Advantage of Recession Sales, or Save?

Take Advantage of Recession Sales, or Save?

Lindsey Roberts
Oct 23, 2009

During a time of recession, money is generally tighter, but the sales are steeper. What's a design-lover to do? We create a list of wants on a Google doc, prioritize, and spend when we can &mdash or when we just can't resist a good sale. (Someday the recession will be over, and then we'll have gotten home décor for cheap, right?)

For us, the dilemma is thus: items on our wish list are on sale more often and for deeper discounts than they were two years ago. Back then, we might have snagged that pair of Mobler chairs we saw on Scavenger a week or so ago. Instead, we spent the money on groceries and regretted our decision. We wish we had eaten soup for the week!

It's to the point where we go to the grocery store with a five-item list and then can't resist the two-for-one or three-for-one deals and walk out with much more. But, like my mom says, a deal isn't saving you any money if you don't have any.

Another strategy is to give it two days when I spot something I have to have.

How do you strike this balance? What are your strategies for spending on sales vs. saving?

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