Take Advantage of Your Move & Help Your Home Office

Take Advantage of Your Move & Help Your Home Office

Mike Tyson
Jun 3, 2011

Moving sucks. The range of response one can have to moving can go anywhere from bearable (if you have paid movers) to excruciating (if you're relocating to a 6th floor walk-up in the middle of summer and your roommate HAD to have the 3-seater sofa). But believe it or not, there is some good to be found in the process that could have only been invented by the devil himself. You can actually make your move work for you and your home office. After the jump we'll let you in on a few tips and considerations which could be helpful to many who plan on relocating this season.

When searching for an apartment, be sure to take special consideration of your home office needs. Know the exact dimensions of your desk and other office furniture such as a storage or even shelving. When you visit the home, bring a tape measure and a drawing pad to sketch out the rooms and record the measurements. It'll be much easier to envision your home office in the space if you're physically there, laying out the measurements of your furniture on the floor. Not having adequate space for our desk is a deal breaker for us and we would instantly move onto the next home. This could be a good exercise for someone who is adamant about keeping their same office setup. Another crucial aspect when apartment hunting is to be mindful of the number and position of the electrical and cable outlets. You don't want to be stuck in a position where there aren't an ample supply of either and you have to run wires everywhere.

Alternatively, you could plan on buying some new furniture for your space. Moving is an excellent opportunity to get some new pieces especially if you're traveling great distances. It means you don't have to pack as much which translates to less heavy lifting and maneuvering. But it is also beneficial because it could mean the difference between renting a smaller truck which can save a lot of money. Another advantage to buying new furniture when you move is the ability to "customize" your purchases for the space. Because you'd be shopping with specific dimensions in mind, you could try to find a desk that would fit snuggly between two walls, giving your office a "built-in" or architectural feel as if it was designed with the room in mind.

Moving is also a great time to sell unwanted items. Why take with you what you don't need? Use the packing experience as a means of purging all your unnecessary clutter and paperwork. This usually means allowing for an additional day or so to pack depending on how much junk is floating around your office. But because moving forces you to take a look at everything, you'll be able to give it all the 'once over' and you can determine if it should stay or go.

Once you decide what should stay, you can then use this time as an opportunity to organize it all. If you didn't have much storage before, think about going to IKEA or The Container Store to buy some cheap drawer partitions and accessories which could help divide and conquer your unruly drawers. We generally like to have separate containers for push pins, binder clips, rubber bands, paper clips, spare coins, our wallet/keys, special pens, junk pens, and highlighters/Sharpies.

Finally, moving can be a good excuse to break bad habits and start some good ones. If your desk was always very messy, make a resolution to take better care of your space going forward. New home, new lifestyle, new workflow. We made a point to become better schedulers. We never wrote things down in our calendar or task manager despite having good software and now we're forcing ourselves to work differently. The new environment is giving us a fresh perspective and a confidence boost that we can turn over a new leaf. Your setting can have a great effect on your mental process so use it to your advantage!

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