Taking The Best Picture Of Your Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These days it’s not hard to find beautiful pictures of interiors: whether on blogs or in magazines, ideal spaces abound and all thanks to great designers, crafty homeowners and some talented photographers. So if you’ve struggled with how to shoot your home, jump below for advice from a Sunset Magazine photographer and some of Apartment Therapy’s favorite tips.

Photographer Thomas J Story shoots interiors, architecture, food and lifestyle shots for Sunset Magazine and he pretty much nails it every time. He’s a hero of mine and I recently had a chance to interview him about his career and took a moment to ask his advice for budding photographers and homeowners looking to make beautiful pictures of their spaces. This is what he had to say:

Level your camera, use the longest lens possible for the shot, use a tripod, slow down and compose. It’s all about editing. You have four walls in which to compose your image, be aware of your focal point, but have fun playing with the edges. Expose for a mood or feeling. Vignettes tell the story better than 1 wide angle shot. Details tell the story too, finishes, hardware etc… not everything has to be in focus…

You can read more about the kinds of gear Tom uses and how he got to work for Sunset here.