Takumi Designs’ Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Kimonos

Takumi Designs are elegant, simple, and feature perfectly balanced design compositions with an obvious Japanese design aesthetic. Bamboo and reclaimed woods are often paired with recycled Kimonos to create clocks, picture frames, and various shoji lamps.

Takumi Designs was started by accident after creator Richard Beezley built a pair of his shoji lamps to donate to an Asian Women’s Leadership non-profit fundraiser. The lamps were immediately met with orders for more and tons of interest.

While the items have many similarities, the process of developing each handcrafted piece leads to unique and soulful designs, each with their own personality. The design of each piece is highly meditative for Richard. As an ordained Zen Buddhist priest, the Zen Buddhist design traditions of simplicity and strength are evident in his work.

Ranging from $24 – $300, you can pick up your own pieces through the Takumi Designs Etsy shop, and at Sawbridge Studios Chicago, McKinnon Furniture Seattle, and at the Coronado Artwalk in the fall.

“Too often we take for granted that we will always have the resources to create items we use in our daily lives. Instead of creating new resources, why don’t we examine what we have around us that can re-used or re-cycled. Instead of being quick to throw it out, think if any part of it is usable in another form. We need to work on giving back more than what we take, make what we have last longer.”
– Richard Beezley