Tales From the Box

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Would you like to see the future in Southern California residential living? Then check out the renovation blog Tales From the Box, coming from the small New South Wales town of Warrimoo. Los Angeles will likely see some of the same water hardships mentioned on Tales, due to drought (though today’s wet weather may say otherwise), competing water rights issues, and an ever expanding population growth. We might do well learning from example from our friends at Tales From the Box, who installed a 10,000 litre Aqua Clear Tank to store captured rain water and have integrated energy efficient living into their everyday lives.

“For me, the water revolution has impacted me marginally. Like all, I take shorter showers, wash the car with a bucket, do bigger loads of washing, but in reality this is a small, insignificant sacrifice compared to the hardships that are endured by those living on the land where every drop is precious, and every drop literally translates into survival.”

“The biggest impact on me personally is keeping the natural environment around me green and lush. Not being able to water my garden frustrates me – seeing trees die that you have planted and nurtured is deflating. Thus a big shiny tank was necessary.”

Sounds like the average Angeleno in many ways. And even if this environmental topic isn’t of interest, the blog offers multiple ongoing posts about bathroom renovations, installing a beautiful overhead kitchen rangehood, and the trials and tribulations of building a new deck in an area threatened by bushfires (yet another similarity to LA’s landscape) that should appeal to all of us who want to make our home a better place to live.