Tales of a Late Adopter: Update Now?

Tales of a Late Adopter: Update Now?

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jan 18, 2012

This may come as a shock, but in my home I don't have a Blu-ray player, Apple TV or any other sort of stand-alone "smart" box (like Boxee). I do enjoy watching movies on the iPad or laptop, (for viewing movies on our TV we stream Netflix via the Xbox 360) but I've just never come around to this other new fangled non-mobile technology and I wonder if now is time to make the leap.

Have you ever been in this position? You wait on a new technology and then after a few years or so of doing fine without it, you wonder if you're missing out? I'm considering getting a Blu-ray player as well as a "smart" set-top box but I wonder if I really need them. I travel often and it's rare that I make a purchase that can't function equally well at home as in the air.

Sure it might be interesting to see Spock sweat on Star Trek or stream some of the HD footage we've shot to our TV, but will it get used? When Blu-ray came out we put it into the same category as cable TV. Something nice, but I'm not home often enough to justify paying for it, and the same went for all of the "smart" boxes whether from Google, Boxee, or Apple.

However with Anthony's recent post on hacking the Apple TV I'm wondering if it's finally time to say goodbye to the PS2 and replace it with a Blu-ray player and/or Apple TV. After all, it's not like this home is averse to tech, says the woman typing on a laptop with two other laptops, one tablet, and two smartphones within reach. Is it time to update the home video tech so I can finally use the Blu-rays people give me or are things quite alright just as they are? After all, most of the time I really am on a plane when watching a movie.

What made you decide to buy a Blu-ray player or "smart" box like an Apple TV? Have you regretted or enjoyed those purchases?

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