Tales of Failed Toys

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes our idea of the “perfect toy” and the little one’s idea of fun aren’t quite the same thing. Last year we obsessed over the perfect doll, and as is often the case, it turns out our daughter prefers her stuffed animals to dolls, and the biggest hit was a bag of plastic balls.

This year she can speak, which helps, but we still think we might have some better ideas of what she might like. She requested, for some reason, a blue kangaroo, but we’re also planning on a dress-up station and some art supplies. We realize, some of the toys we wind up getting for her are kind of for us too…toys we find attractive or interesting. The moral is, don’t spend too much time or effort on any one gift- you never really know what they’ll end up loving.

(Image by Flickr member makelessnoise licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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