Tame Your TV: Simple Solutions to Help It Fit (Not Fight) With Your Decor

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Tessa Neustadt)

It seems like television is a four-letter word sometimes in the design community. There’s tons of advice about how to hide your TV away into custom cabinets or convoluted rigs. But you know what? It’s a TV, not your dad’s stack of vintage Playboy magazines; it’s OK to leave it out where everyone can see.

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There’s nothing wrong with mounting the TV to a wall or resting it onto a short console, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, check out the Malibu farmhouse from My Domaine above. Designer and homeowner Vanessa Alexander found a big-on-style way to display their TV on a rustic wooden easel. (The rest of the home is stunning, too.)

(Image credit: NineMSN)

The TV in this beach cottage is mounted to the back of the kitchen island. This way it stays tucked away, but is still easy to watch from the sofa. The homeowner told NineMSN: “It was a fantastic decision. You don’t even notice it’s there.”

(Image credit: Erin Martin)

Sometimes the best solution will still be to just mount the TV to the wall across from the sofa and call it a day. In that case, you could consider a simple cover for the times you do want to hide it away. This home from designer Erin Martin uses a classroom pull-down map to conceal the TV when not in use.

(Image credit: Daniel Collopy)

One more: This idea’s been around the block, so to speak, but we still think it’s a great tip for displaying a television in a room without it being on display. HGTV’s Brian Patrick Flynn keeps his modestly sized TV among a salon-style grouping of flea market art in the living room, as seen on The Wall Street Journal.