Tara's Interview: Quirky Meets Classic Glam

Tara's Interview: Quirky Meets Classic Glam

Tara Bellucci
Aug 1, 2013

Eight months ago, we organized together; now let's decorate together! I am excited to remake a room along with all of you this month, but before we break out the paintbrushes and the fabric swatches, let's get in touch with our style. Have you ever actually sat down and actively thought about your personal style? Though I ask people regularly to describe theirs, I have never interviewed myself on the subject. Here's what I found out:

My preferences indicate a Classic Glam aesthetic mixed with a bit of quirk. 
Classic favorites like Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar Wilde, Dirty Dancing, Jonathan Adler, DwellStudio, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Eastern Standard generally point to past eras of glamour: Victorian society, roaring 20s, mid-century chic, flashy 80s. I also love Doctor Who, RuPaul's Drag Race, dancy pop hits, Motown, and Kate Spade's more playful side. I like things that are a little bit luxe, but also fun and unfussy, like champagne out of plastic cups or wearing tiaras on Tuesdays.

• I really like alliteration.
For the second question, once I had two style words that began with a C, I had to have three. They are collected, colorful, and comfy, by the way. Besides being alliterative, they bridge the gap between what my current space expresses and the aspirational style I hope to move closer toward, as revealed by my favorites.

• I'm looking for a sanctuary space filled with well-loved things.
My favorite childhood space was my bedroom closet, where I would curl up on a beloved blanket, read by flashlight, and nap. As an adult, my first college apartment had a huge private bedroom with lots of light and tons of floor space, that I could escape to when I hated my roommate or wanted to unwind with friends. My favorite spots in my home include my pegboard with its well-used pots, my living room bookcase with collected volumes and found favored things, and my bedroom nightstand that holds a lamp I splurged on and some pink peonies. 

• I aspire to deeply personal spaces that are also welcoming.
Oprah's giving nature, trailblazing attitude, and focus on self-work make her one of my heroes (I mean, she is framed on my wall). I love that she recently started her own Style Cure by redecorating her home, to rid her space of things that she didn't love and make room for things she did. This is in line with what I want my friends to say about my space: that it's welcoming, comfortable, and "so you!" I want my spaces to be personal reflections of me, and for that to be a great atmosphere for my friends to hang out in.

What does your Style Interview say about you?

(Images: 1 & 2: Tara Bellucci; 3: O Magazine)

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