How I Created My Dream Beauty Closet in My Teeny Tiny Bathroom

published Mar 12, 2019
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(Image credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion)

While I absolutely love all of the quirks my apartment has to offer, one of the downsides is that my bathroom is very tiny and didn’t come with any built-in storage, aside from the medicine cabinet that I’ve since replaced with a fun ornate mirror. (Yes, the medicine cabinet provided a decent amount of storage for beauty products, but it just wasn’t my style).

Back when I worked in magazines, I’d fawn over the well-stocked beauty closet in our office, which was home to every hair, skin, and nail product one could ever need or want. I’d since seen bloggers and other beauty fanatics create their own “closets” of products at home and became inspired to find a storage system that would give me plenty of space to display all of my favorite lotions and potions.

While I’d tried using a small dresser in the bathroom to store towels and other supplies, I recently decided that I’d like a little more space for all of my pretty skincare bottles and makeup palettes. Not to mention, all of the boring things (think first aid supplies, vitamin bottles, and washcloths) needed to go somewhere where they would be easily accessible. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than needing a bandaid and having no idea where you decided to stash them!

After browsing several of my favorite home sites and looking at other go-to places, including Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I was thrilled when I spotted this cheap solution on Target’s website. These cabinets are great because you can stack them on top of each other for increased storage while maximizing space. I originally just purchased one, but ended up liking it so much that I ordered another, which fit on top seamlessly. To keep things a little more stylish, I replaced the default white handles with these gold knobs, and I love the bit of glam that they add to this otherwise utilitarian storage system. The doors easily open and click shut, and I now have six glorious shelves of bathroom storage. I honestly enjoy my morning and nighttime beauty routines so much more just because all of my products are easy to find, and I’m never wondering what I have or what’s gone missing. I’ve also been able to stock up on things like makeup wipes and toothpaste, since there’s now plenty of space for me to store extra items.

As the $34 price tag may suggest, these cabinets aren’t made from the highest quality materials, but I took that into account when purchasing and assembling. Given that I’m a renter (and therefore won’t be in this space forever) and am placing them in a high-traffic, spill-prone area, I didn’t want to make a huge investment anyway. As far as simple home upgrades go, this quick fix has made a big impact! Now excuse me while I go browse the face cream aisle for more products to add to my stash…