Emily Henderson Shares Everything You Need To Know About Target’s New Home Decor Collection

published Apr 8, 2018
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Does the seemingly never ending cold weather have you dreaming of warm, exotic locales? Or perhaps you’ve been planning a home decor refresh for the spring? In either case, you’ll probably want to check out Target’s new globally-inspired home line, Opalhouse. The line’s aesthetic takes inspiration from such far-flung locales as Aix-en-Provence, Lisbon, Paris, and Mallorca. The result is a collection full of bold colors, rich textures, and fun prints.

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Apartment Therapy had the chance to sneak a peek at the collection this week at the LINE Hotel in Los Angeles in advance of Opalhouse’s in-store debut on April 8th. There Target Home style expert, Emily Henderson, dished all about the eclectic collection.

We asked Henderson tips on everything from how to mix and match Opalhouse with Target’s other popular lines like Project 62 and Threshold to the pieces she’ll be incorporating into her own home. See what Henderson had to say and check out items from the over 1,300 piece collection which spans everything from bedding, to bath, decor, tabletop, and furniture.

What are ways people can incorporate these more eclectic pieces into their existing space?

You don’t have to go full eclectic with every piece that has a lot of color, a lot of pattern because that can feel intimidating. There are neutral and natural, organic fibers that can work with any color palette and any style. Any of the creams, any of the rattan — those are easy to incorporate. What’s so good about this collection are the individual colors, like for instance the Citron. If you have a neutral bedroom you can add something like the Citron pleated velvet pillow and make a statement. There are also a lot of occasional tables and lamps, things that are easy to incorporate.

(Image credit: Marni Epstein-Mervis)

What are some of your favorite Opalhouse pieces? Which will you add in your house?

I’m doing a makeover with it and I’m trying to figure out if I wanna go really bold or if I want to show how this collection can also be very calm and neutral. I think in my house I’ll probably bring in this Moroccan wedding quilt — I can use that anywhere. For Birdie’s room, we have have a lot of light pink tones going on so the Peach pillows will be very easy for me to add to her room. I am very interested, could I bring in the Citron color? In my bedroom I could actually use a really bright pop like that. Also the velvet quilts — you need to feel them — you want that on your bed! The rattan chair and ottoman also feel very easy for me to incorporate.

What is the interplay between Opalhouse and Target’s other popular lines like Threshold, Project 62, and etc? Any tips for how they cohesively exist together in a space?

That’s an interesting question — I would actually love to do a makeover where I incorporate all of them. Project 62 is simple and modern, it’s really easy to layer on top of [Opalhouse]. I feel like Opalhouse is a little bit more feminine so I think if your furniture is more simple in shape and color and pattern — and Project 62 is definitely very simple — then you can easily layer Opalhouse on top. Threshold has a little bit more of a traditional element but again, if you keep your color palette relatively neutral you can mix any styles together. It’s exciting that Target is continuing to launch new brands that speak to different personalities and yet there is a way to mix them all together.

(Image credit: Marni Epstein-Mervis)

How did the peacock become a focal point of this collection?

Target’s design team traveled to Mallorca, Portugal, Paris, all over to get inspiration for this collection. The peacock I believe was from France — it’s a sketch from a peacock they saw in France. It’s on some of the quilts and all throughout the collection. The kitty cat [in the collection], this was graffiti art in Paris and the design team sketched it out and it’s a wallpaper too.

Why do you feel Opalhouse’s eclectic and travel-inspired aesthetic so resonates rights now?

It doesn’t take itself too seriously, I think it’s really fun, it’s full of a lot of happy colors, and pom poms, and fringe and that feels really casual and fun. I think it’s answering minimalism. A lot of people want to have a lot of personality in their homes and with minimalism it can be hard to show that. [This style] can bring a lot of instant visual happiness.