Why Instant Pot Users Are Obsessing Over This $30 Cart from Target

updated Jun 10, 2019
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(Image credit: Target)

If you are the proud owner of a new Instant Pot, besides asking yourself “What should I cook?” (we got you), you may also be wondering “Where the heck do I put this thing?” A true kitchen workhorse, it nevertheless can occupy some serious real estate on the counter or in a cabinet. Or, perhaps even worse, finding a home for your a new pressure cooker in a low cabinet or closet can mean it gets forgotten.

Enter: the passionate members of the official Instant Pot Facebook group. They’ve discovered a product that almost seems made specifically for this product: a round utility cart from Target.

The $30 cart is part of Target’s Made By Design collection, which launched back in 2018. We’re not sure when the cart itself launched, but it began making waves in the Facebook group back in September. But with the glut of new Instant Pots purchased as gifts or as part of Black Friday, the love for the cart has only picked up.

What makes this cart so great? The Instant Pot fits perfectly on the top shelf, leaving the smaller shelves for various accessories. And since the cart has wheels, it can be tucked away and brought out when needed, even in smaller kitchens. (One small apartment owner keeps hers in a space under her stairs.) But even though it’s great for small spaces, it will still accommodate the largest size Instant Pot, like this photo from newly minted cart and IP owner Stephanie Deal shows.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Deal)

And another happy Instant Pot owner, with all her accessories neatly stored below.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Leslie Guardalabene‎)

Some users are going a step further and storing two Instant Pots on the cart. While the shelves aren’t tall enough for even a mini, there are a few ways to make it work. One Instant Pot user just chose to assemble the cart as-is and not store the lid with it.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Christy Scites‎)

But if you’re willing to forgo (or even flip upside down) the middle shelf, you can store two Instant Pots on it no problem. One cart owner went a little further. Snow Maysles‎’ husband lifted the middle shelf by drilling new holes 3/8th of an inch from the bottom of the pan.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Snow Maysles‎.)

The Instant Pot community’s love for this cart has also begun to spread beyond the Facebook group. Of the 235 reviews of the cart on Target’s website, 75 explicitly mention using it for Instant Pot storage. Of those 75 reviews, 45 use the word “perfect” or “perfectly” to describe it. As one happy customer put it, “No wonder this has become The Instant Pot Cart.”

One word of caution: Several people have posted about cooking with the Instant Pot while still on the cart. While no one has reported any problems with this, we feel the best place for your Instant Pot to be used is on your counter because it’s flat, high up (and harder to reach for small kids), and shows a clear path from the Instant Pot to the outlet (and no wheels that could accidentally pull it away).

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