Target Is Selling ‘The Office’ Board Game, So It’s Time To Pick Team Michael or Team Toby

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Credit: NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

This one goes out to fans of the hit show “The Office:” Target is now selling a board game based on the show. It’s only $15, but the best part? The entire objective of the game is to not become a casualty of Dunder Mifflin downsizing, which is so on-brand. 

With downsizing being the critical threat and obstacle to overcome, players are asked to choose Team Michael or Team Toby. If you’re on Team Michael, you might get carried away with paranoid theories on how Toby spends his free time. If you’re on Team Toby, you might not quite understand how a person like Michael can still legally have a job. In either case, avoiding pink slips is your mission. While the game is broken down into teams for Michael and Toby, you play it as your favorite employee from the show.

Credit: Target

This is a game that is obviously targeted toward those who’ve seen the show, but word on the street is that the specific references in it will come as a joy for hardcore fans. Especially if they’ve binge-watched it, maybe even more than once. 

We expect this game to bring on all sorts of rivalries between the Michaels and the Tobys of the world. In light of that kind of sheer unfathomable hostility, here’s a friendly reminder to keep your game-playing free of threats. (Disturbing Dwight-style strategies for prevailing should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.) 

And hey, it might even teach you some basic workplace survival skills because let’s face it: one of the reasons this series took off the way it did is because so many of us who have and/or currently work in an office found it relatable.