This Viral Candle Warmer from Target Is Always Selling Out

published Jan 17, 2024
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Did you know that you don’t have to burn scented candles to make your home fill with fragrance? You can actually warm them instead, thanks to candle warmers, aka one of the best innovations of the past few years. And there’s a Target-brand candle warming lamp that’s going viral on Instagram because it not only does a great job releasing scent from candles, but it also looks ultra chic and modern while doing so. 

“I was so happy when my local store finally showed this in stock,” Jessica from the Target Junkie Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “It’s so pretty and my home smells so good! I love that I can easily adjust the brightness and it comes with a 2-, 4-, or 8-hour timer! It’s been out of stock for a while now but definitely check your local stores!”

The minimalist warmer features a ceramic base for your scented candle to sit on and a frosted glass lamp shade that forces the heat of the lamp downward onto the top of your candle.

When turned on, the bulb’s warmth softens the candle wax to release the fragrance — no flame required. And this lamp has adjustable light and warmth, so you can control just how much fragrance is released. You certainly don’t get that adjustability by just burning!

There are a bunch of different styles of candle warmers on the market — including this bestselling Amazon warming lamp Apartment Therapy tried (and loved) last year. This one is at a similar price point, but has a classic style that would better fit more traditional or cottagecore aesthetics.

But if you’re into the modern look, then you’re just one of many people obsessed with Target’s Threshold lamp. One person commented on Target Junkie’s post, “I finally found one today!! I was able to order it for store pickup. It’s about 30 miles away from me, but who cares!!!!”

“I was lucky enough to get the last two in my area,” another person wrote. “Still want one more — never need to light a candle again.”

According to Target’s website, the Threshold Lamp Warmer will be back in stock online on January 21, so mark your calendar and get ready to grab one before everyone else!

Buy: Threshold Candle Lamp Warmer, $30