Target Has Its Own Version of Instagram – But You’ll Need an Invite To Use It

published Jul 22, 2018
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(Image credit: Sean Wandzilak)

Not to ruin your day, but you might not be the Target superfan that you think you are. There is a secret app that only a select few mega Target fans have been invited to use. Have you ever heard of Studio Connect, or is this all brand new information to you? Don’t feel too bad, we had no idea and we spend $100 at Target in the blink of an eye.

It looks like Target is trying to give Instagram a run for their money with Studio Connect. The app is a feed of photos that users can like and comment on. But unlike Instagram, these aren’t personal photos, nor are they for strict marketing purposes. Studio Connect isn’t actually the next social media platform – it is for designers!

The app was created by Target in 2016 for designers to get direct feedback from customers on products. This way designers can get a sense of what the customers they’re designing for want. It was used for Target’s new Made by Design line of houseware products.

Studio Connect is not available to just any old Target shopper. It is invite-only and that list seems pretty exclusive. According to Fast Company, Studio Connect only has “600 members (that’s 0.002% of its 30 million weekly shopper base).”

(Image credit: Target)

The be selected to be a part of the Studio Connect family, it takes more than just casually liking Target on Instagram. People are personally invited by the company after online research is conducted and receipt polls. So, next time your cashier tells you that you can take the survey on your receipt in the next 7 days, maybe you should listen to her!

Studio Connect was created as a faster alternative to focus groups, as designers and developers need answers instantly, rather than after weeks. Julie Guggemos, senior vice president of product design and development at Target, said:

“Studio Connect enables our designers to interact with guests at any point while developing products, encouraging conversations and adding a level of flexibility to the formal feedback process.”

Are you going to anxiously wait for your invite to Studio Connect now?