This Simple Wicker Piece Helped Me Max Out My Tiny Bathroom’s Storage

updated May 29, 2020
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I’m crazy about anything wicker or rattan, but living in a fairly small apartment, there are only so many places to incorporate the trend without going overboard. When I came across this Target side table below though, I couldn’t resist snatching it up and adding it to my collection. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the unexpected spot it ended up in my home.

This wicker guy is marketed as a side table, but it’s really more of a tall storage ottoman. As a small space dweller, I am all about multi-functional pieces, so this is a major win. At first, I used the table on my screened porch as pictured below until I realized where it truly belonged: the bathroom. The interior storage compartment is large enough to fit all of my extra bath, hand, and face towels, and everything is easily accessible but out of sight, just the way I like it. I actually use the piece all throughout the day. When I’m getting ready in the morning, I can set my makeup bag or individual products on its top. If I’m winding down with an end of day bath, I can pull the ottoman over to the side of the tub and use the surface to hold a wine glass and a candle.

Credit: Heather Bien

While the $80 price tag isn’t really at the cheap end of the spectrum, the fact that this table features the interior compartment makes it worth the price. I’ve seen so many other bathroom stools that look adorable but really don’t offer much surface space on top and certainly don’t include the storage aspect. On top of that, I also like that the piece is lightweight and easy to move around my bathroom as needed. Plus, if you’re like me and like to switch up your decor regularly, this piece is versatile enough to eventually be styled in a number of different rooms. It could also make for chic toy storage in a playroom one day, for example, or be totally transformed with some spray paint to fit a different color scheme, if need be.

In fact, I already think I know what it’s next incarnation could be—it’d certainly make for a seriously stylish hamper!