Tasteful Display of “Tacky” Souvenirs

We all have them. Someone you know escapes on an amazing vacation destination and “all you got is this tacky fill-in-the-blank”. What to do? Do you hide them? Sneak them to the nearest Goodwill store? Or do you find a way to display them with grace in your home? Here are some ideas to help with the latter:

Sea Shells: Lining shelves can be a bit too much (to look at and to dust). Try them under glass as in this example from Bob Timberlake.

Plates: Display them in a dish rack, like this one in Better Homes and Gardens. Or organize them on the wall like this.

Figurines: Go serial. Lots of similar objects displayed together can take on a transformative, pop-art appearance. We love these Eiffel Tower figurines on a tray stand via Antiques Diva.

The Dreaded Oversized Souvenir T-Shirt: Try this DIY T-Shirt Quilt by Michelle Kempner.