Tasty Packaging For Holiday Gifts That Can Be Repurposed

Tasty Packaging For Holiday Gifts That Can Be Repurposed

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 6, 2010

Although we've talked about packing your picnic with peanuts and boxes with popcorn in the past, there are a few more items outside of styrofoam and plastic that can keep your shipped holiday gifts safe. The best part is you can eat them!

1. Meringues: Although there might be a few that take a beating, meringues are fairly sturdy for how light and fluffy they are. Don't worry about making pretty rounded tops; even piped sticks of this sugary foam will work out nicely. Here's how to whip up a batch!

2. Star Mints: For small packages, the familiar red and white striped mints are a great option. Because of their twisted plastic packaging they provide great cushion for items inside, while giving the recipient a sweet treat.

3. Honeycomb Candy: This bubbly snack gets its lift from baking soda which makes it as light as air. It also makes it ridiculously sturdy and can even be mailed with a chocolate bar, perfect for melting and dipping this golden treat in upon arrival. Check out how to make some in your own kitchen.

4. Caramel Popcorn: Though we've already talked about traditional popcorn, why not make it a little special and whip up some caramel popcorn. This recipe isn't difficult in the slightest, in fact, you can make it in a brown paper bag in your microwave!

5. Marshmallows: You can make them from scratch or buy them in bulk from the store, but either way, we're pretty sure they'll be used for S'mores or hot chocolate in a flash! Just make sure the item you're mailing is placed in a paper or plastic bag before shipping to keep things un-gooey... just in case! They even come in all sizes, mini, regular and mega!

Have you used anything unusual as packaging material so far this year? Let us know what you think would work well in the comments below!

(Images: San Remo Sweets, Sarah Rae Trover, Emma Christensen)

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