Tattoo Roundup: Ink For Your Home

Tattoo Roundup: Ink For Your Home

Annie Werbler
Dec 3, 2009

A friend of mine just got a badass tattoo on her arm that makes me all sorts of jealous. Because my mom says I'm not allowed to get one myself (okay, okay, I'm also a total chicken), I'll have to make due with decorating something other than my body.

Tattoo art is characterized by the well-defined shapes and simple shading achievable by needles on skin. So for those of us who need more of it in our lives, here are some almost-tattoos for the home:

1. Tattoo Chair
Scott Campbell at Brooklyn's Saved Tattoo made a limited number of these Victorian chairs upholstered in tattooed leather.

2. Tattoo Table
The wooden veneer on this table by Reddish Studio has a digitally-printed tattoo on its surface.

3. Tattoo Bedding
Designer Ed Hardy makes tons of products with tattoo-inspired patterns, including large-scale items in bedding.

4. Tile Tattoos
Lush makes individual tiles inspired by tattoo art with which to accent kitchen or bathroom surfaces.

5. Tattoo Pillows
Anthropologie has these nautical pillows by Thomas Paul which are reminiscent of old sailor tattoos.

6. Wall Tattoo
Benjamin Moore makes these paint stencils they call wall tattoos, which seems to give the effect of wallpaper when done on a large scale, but could be more like a tattoo stamp in smaller numbers.

7. Tattooed Leather
This sort of tattooed leather feels a lot like skin and less like upholstery. Sort of creepy, in my opinion, but also honest about the source of its material.

8. Tattoo House
Large-scale stickers are applied to the exterior window walls of this house, and the amount of light and privacy they provide are tailored to the function of each room.

(Images: 1. Getting Inked: Tattoo-inspired Decor; 2. Humor and Innovation from Reddish Studio; 3. Crazy Colorful Bedding by Ed Hardy; 4. Hot or Not? Tile Tattoos; 5. Nautical Roundup: Anchor Designs for the Home; 6. Painted "Wallpaper": New Wall Tattoo by Benjamin Moore; 7. Hot or Not? Tattooed Leather Furniture; 8. Tattoo House's Tree Supergraphic.)

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