Tech Free Hotels

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

People travel for all different reasons &mdash some for business and some for pleasure and relaxation. While we’re traveling we certainly enjoy having our gadgets around for documentation purposes, but sometimes they just get in the way or become too distracting. We never really stop and think how distracting they can be to others.

When we were browsing through hundreds of hotels earlier today, we came across a few that pride themselves on being extremely quiet. When you’re vacationing in an exotic place, you want nothing more than to relax and just soak up the sun &mdash you don’t want to worry about work getting ahold of you or pesky spam emails. Some hotels don’t take it as far as issuing an actual no tech rule, but they do go above and beyond to ensure that others tech won’t disrupt your stay.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has extra padded walls to ensure you won’t wake up to another guests alarm clock. We cherish every moment of sleeping in and we could not imagine waking up to an alarm clock from another room. They’ve also added a feature to their televisions to ensure they can’t be turned up beyond a certain level.

The Prima Spa Club has a no cell phone policy to ensure each and every guest has the most relaxing experience. While this policy certainly wouldn’t work for everyone, we do know how annoying it is to have a romantic dinner with your SO and then immediately snap out of it when you hear the samba ringtone coming from behind you.

These unique hotel features have got us thinking about adopting them in our own home. We may not be able to add padding to our walls to ensure we don’t hear anything from the outside world, but we can keep the tech out. The outstanding amount of input and comments on the subject of TV In The Bedroom: Yay or Nay? has made us realize that maybe there isn’t a need for a tv, or cell phone (except for alarm clock features, of course!)

Would you stay in a tech free hotel?

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