The Perfect High Tech Closet

The Perfect High Tech Closet

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jun 30, 2011

We all know about the efficiently organized home office in a closet, but what about tech in the closet that has nothing to do with work? After gazing at this super luxe tech dream of a wardrobe we started thinking about other ideas for our bedroom closet, some decidedly more aspirational than others.

This gorgeous tech'd out clothes storage dream that we spotted in MoCo Loco is the SupreME Wardrobe by Vudafieri Saverino Partners. Not only does this wardrobe look absolutely fantastic, it also contains a piece of tech called a Meta Mirror which is pretty "Jetsonstastic." The Meta Mirror is a computer controlled system based on biometric and gestural recognition software that allows the user to create a multi-media experience through an advanced interactive monitor hidden behind the mirror. Basically this mirror can do everything from display information such as news, weather, trends in fashion and design, as well as applications such as agendas, and more intriguingly to us, it can also file and recall all the information about the owners collection of clothing and accessories.

Of course like any self respecting futuristic mirror in a bedroom closet, it also contains a series of micro-cameras with deferred projections which allows users to see themselves in 360 degrees. This mirror strongly reminds us of Cher's in the movie Clueless. Cher's went one step further than SupreME since her system not only showed her possible outfits from her closet, it also brought the actual clothes front and center once she made her selection.

If we were to indulge in a little perfect closet dreaming, we'd love everything that the SupreME has to offer and Cher's closet as well as a closet system that was capable of monitoring the state of clothing staples and ordering replacements kind of like a sentient ManPacks. This closet would also order pickup of dirty clothes so that they can be laundered. Oh and in our dream closet we'd also like a little robot to put clean clothes away.

While dreaming about the perfect high tech closet (or heck just a closet large enough to fit more than 3 coats) is fun, we'd like to leave you with a more down to Earth tech element that can be added to your closet, motion sensor lights. Installing motion sensor lights is a relatively simple way to add a bit of useful tech flair and unlike the SupreME or Cher's closet, is something that is inexpensive and exists outside of fiction.

What sort of tech would your dream closet contain?

(SupreME Wardrobe Images Vudafieri Saverino Partners & MoCo Loco)

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