Tech That Has Most Changed Our Life: Skype

Tech That Has Most Changed Our Life: Skype

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 17, 2010

When we first started thinking about the topic of "life changing tech," several devices immediately leaped to mind, iconic ones, like the light bulb and the television. However, once we started to narrow the topic to more modern tech and what tech has a big impact on our lives personally, we came up with a different set of inventions. One of the most notable was VoIP and the software connecting those not so near but very dear to us, Skype.

With users making over 6.4 billion minutes of calls in the first half of 2010, Skype is a clear leader in VoIP software/protocol. Almost everyone we know uses Skype and it has made our international calling bills significantly cheaper.

Video chatting is a great way to stay connected especially when one is a relationship with someone who lives very far away, and Skype was one of the first pieces of software that allowed us to easily chat with our Windows using friends from our Mac. No more was video chatting relegated to other Macs via iChat. Yes, we know that there were other services offering Mac and Windows video chatting clients, however we always had issues with those and could never get any to work as well as Skype.

Cheaper calls to mobiles and landlines, as well as inexpensive phone numbers (SkypeIn) makes Skype more than a way to video chat with friends and family. We love using the Skype app on our phone and now thanks to multitasking have it running continuously. No more huge bills from international calling and texts, thanks to Skype over 3G!

For the ease of use, massive reduction in phone bills, and ability to make the world that much smaller, we have chosen Skype as the tech that has most changed our life. Granted not everyone has loved ones over 10,000 miles away, but for those of us who do, our wallets and hearts are very fond of Skype.

What tech has most changed your life?

(Images: Flickr user Kendra and Jon Ovington under license from Creative Commons.)

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