Technology To Help Get Through a Rainy Day

Technology To Help Get Through a Rainy Day

Range Govindan
May 16, 2011

It's spring time and that means the occasional (or more than occasional) rainstorm. We've been battling the rain on and off for about two weeks now, and although it looks like there's hope on the horizon, we're still proponents of being ready for foul, wet weather. There are many things that you can do to take advantage of the rain, and it doesn't need to dampen your day if you come prepared...

Depending on where you currently are, the situation might seem dire. Sometimes when the rain starts in some locales, it looks like it will never stop. You definitely need to take some measures to cope with the dreary rain, as it has been shown that people tend to get grumpier in bad weather.

1. Take Public Transport: If you usually take a car, bike, motorcycle, or scooter to work, if there is a lot of rain, it might be prudent to just switch to public transport for a while. On a bus or the subway, you can get a lot of stuff done. You can review what you have to do for the day using your phone, tablet, or actually get some work done by working on some problem on the way to work or school.

2. Tablet or Smartphone: Some subway systems now have WiFi Internet access, so you can answer emails and get a head start on the day. On the bus, you can do the same with your smartphone. While we usually use a part of our mornings to check on email and address stuff in the beginning of the day, you can easily do the same with mobile tech.

3. Music/Media Player: The rain can drown things out and if you're walking or taking public transport, a music player of some kind is needed to cut of the drone of the rain. A good pair of earphones will help you cut off the rest of the world while you're in transit.

4. Apps: Checking the weather is usually one of the first things that most people do because of force of habit or to dress appropriately. There are many different ways of doing so. Apps are one of the easiest. There are also some great web services and devices.

5. LED Umbrella: Walking in the rain in the dark can be a pain, but this pain can be lessened with a cool umbrella. There are a few different models of LED umbrellas on the market right now. The Lumadot LED Umbrella lights up like a Christmas tree and you better believe that you'll be visible. ThinkGeek also has an umbrella that looks like it's from Blade Runner. Both cost $24.99.

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