Enduring the Elements: Exercise Safety Tech

Enduring the Elements: Exercise Safety Tech

Jeff Heaton
Jan 11, 2012

We can see it now: February 1st sees a surge in gym memberships ending up wasted, countless running shoes that find little pavement, and millions of soon forgotten broken resolutions. Unforgiving weather coupled with shorter days make it more difficult to exercise, but with the right safety tech, you can weather the storm (sometimes literally)...

Knuckle Lights ($39.99)
One of the biggest issues hampering exercise in the winter months is limited vision, both for those exercising and those driving. Biting the dirt because you snagged your foot on something you couldn't see can be nearly as dangerous as passing cars. Knuckle lights help improve safety for everyone. Not only can you see what's in front of you, but your visibility to passing vehicles is greatly improved.

Head Lite ($9.95-19.95)
If you prefer not to carry anything while you run and find standard headlamps too clunky, Head Lite makes a series of baseball caps designed for night running/walking. A built in LED illuminates up to 40 feet and can be rotated into four different positions. The only disappointment about Head Lites are the power source: AAA batteries instead of something rechargeable (of course, you can just purchase your own set). We still like this headwear+lighting solution better than standard headlamps, because it adds a little warmth that headlamps don't.

Saucony SonicLite HD Jacket ($90)
We recommend wearing reflective material in addition to safety lights. But if you've already got to wear a jacket, why strap on a bunch of extra stuff? The Saucony SonicLite Jacket is not only reflective, but includes an LED lamp in the sleeve for that better visibility. And unlike most of your other illuminated gear, you can stuff your freezing mitts in the jacket while you warm up.

How do you stay safe in your winter outdoor activities? Tell us in the comments.

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