Tech to Help Keep the Peace With Your Roommate

Tech to Help Keep the Peace With Your Roommate

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 20, 2011

While our roommate days are behind us, we still remember, with not a large degree of fondness, the types of drama that resulted thanks to sharing a pricey, yet tiny, apartment. Most of these dramas were the result of, you guessed it, money. While reading about a new solution on the market that attempts to solve some of these woes we could not help but reminisce and pull together this guide on tech that can assist with keeping the peace in the shared home.

Most of the drama surrounding roommate life revolves around money. Who pays what, to whom and when is often a source of much conflict. Thankfully technology can help. Enter these solutions to help make roommate life all that much easier.

  1. PayDivvy is an online service that allows you to manage and split your bills between household members easily. Like many online banking tools, PayDivvy also lets you set up recurring bill payments, unlike your bank however, PayDivvy will also split these. Roommates being tardy on their share? PayDivvy lets you "ping" them which sends notifications to remind them that they are late on their payment. PayDivvy is a free service and sets up payments using credit cards and bank accounts. We think this is a much better solution to many money splitting headaches than creating a joint checking account!
  2. Ever have this happen to you? You end up paying more than your fair share because you don't want your credit to become damaged thanks to your roommate's negligence. If this happens, perhaps you should consider using technology to help recoup the money from your roommate. Accepting credit card payments on your smartphone using Square is an easy way to receive money without the worry of wondering if their check will clear. We strongly recommend charging your roommate the fee Square charges (2.75%) to accept the payment so that you are not in the hole for receiving the money that they owe you. The Square credit card reader is tiny and plugs into the headphone jack on your iOS device and connects to your bank account and allows you to take credit card payments painlessly. Square is just one of the options out there in the smartphone payment space, for more options this post serves as a great guide.
  3. For keeping the household organized use Google Docs, Google Calendar, or Evernote to keep household events and bill info in one place. These services are great place to store chore checklist as well as keep everyone apprised of when so and so's parents are visiting or when what's his face's party is.

What are your tech tips for peaceful roommate living?

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