Tech to Help You Fight Insomnia

Tech to Help You Fight Insomnia

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jan 28, 2010

As all those who suffer from insomnia know, insomnia can be very debilitating. Not getting a sufficient amount of sleep after spending the night tossing and turning is no one's idea of a good time. It's for the insomnia sufferers and those just looking for a better night's sleep that we have pulled together this roundup of technology to help fight insomnia.

Insomnia cures through technology seemingly abound and run the gamut from audio CD programs that you can order online to bedside sleep couching devices. In this roundup we decided to break the insomnia tech cures into three categories, bedside devices, audio CD programs, and iPhone apps.

Bedside Devices

  • NightCove and NightCove Duo by Zyken relies upon LED light and programmed sound sequences to relax your senses into a sleep welcoming state, the duo version is a synchronized version for couples.
  • LightSleep designed by Kate Evans in order to combat her own insomnia, projects a light moving in a controlled circular motion on your ceiling, which you're supposed to follow with your eyes. Due to the fact that it's repeating the same circular motion, your mind should become relaxed resulting in you falling asleep.
  • Zeo Personal Sleep Coach consists of a headband, an alarm clock with a bedside display, and personal coaching sessions. All of these things are designed to help you sleep better. The headband measures brainwave activity, kind of like an EKG, and sends the data to the display. The display saves it to an SD card so you can upload the information to your Zeo account. Once there, you can analyze your sleeping patters and you'll be given tips on how to sleep better.

Audio CD Programs

  • Brainwaves by Davinci uses what they call Psychoactive Sound™ to shift your brain into a deep state of restful sleep by triggering the associated internal wave pattern through your stereo headphones.
  • Sleep Sound Audio Program uses brainwave entrainment to guide your brainwaves into a relaxed sleep rhythm. The program purports that by listening to a specially constructed audio that has the beats or tones that match the electrical activity of sleep, your brain waves will follow it, slow down and you will drift off to sleep.

iPhone Apps

  • Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson by Michael Schneider is a guided meditation app intended to help you overcome insomnia and get to sleep. This app is part of the Andrew Johnson series of self help applications.
  • Pzizz Sleep creates a new unique soundtrack for you to fit the time you selected that will lull you into a deep sleep. In addition to the iPhone app, pzizz also has a software application for Mac and PC that creates audio soundtracks.

Have you ever used tech to combat insomnia?

(Image: Flickr user jared under license from Creative Commons.)

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