Tech Trends for 2015: Wearables Everywhere (Including on Your Baby and Dog)

Tech Trends for 2015: Wearables Everywhere (Including on Your Baby and Dog)

Elizabeth Giorgi
Jan 23, 2015
(Image credit: Owlet Care)

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was a lot of the same this year: more huge TVs, more fancy 3D printers and more wireless home monitoring devices. So what was new? The explosion of wearable devices that count our calories, steps, breaths and even our oxygen levels will change how we interact with our bodies and other living things.

If you picked up a fitness tracker last year, then you're already primed for these cool new devices. Here's what we saw at the CES this year that may be making their way into your home in 2015:

Baby Monitoring:

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

The days of the walkie talkie baby monitor are long gone. A range of new devices which can be attached to your baby and give you real time information about your child's health are all the rage.

Owlet Baby Care was one particular standout because unlike other strange devices which adhere to your child like a semi-permanent sticker, this device is integrated into a little sock-like shoe and communicates with a free app that tells you real-time health data. It's now available for pre-order for $250, but it doesn't come with a matching shoe. Here's hoping they change that.

Environmental Impact Monitoring:

Beyond understanding our physical experience on the inside of our bodies is a new frontier in wearables brought to us by TZOA — an environmental monitor. It measures air quality, pollution and a host of other environmental factors to not only let you know how your area stacks up, but to encourage you to contribute to a cleaner planet. Pre-orders are coming soon, but the hope is that if enough people start tracking their environment, then TZOA will be able to create maps of cities with, for example, the best air quality and more.

Pet Tracking:

Our pets are members of our family. Having a way to keep track of our pets the way we keep track of our friends and family only makes sense. Many device makers are trying to create basic GPS trackers for pets that provide basic location information for when a cat or dog is lost, but there are a few that go beyond that.

WonderWoof is a ridiculously adorable bow tie which you attach to a dog's collar and really focuses on animal fitness. There are plenty of unhealthy animals out there, so the cute "bone tracker" is a fun way to incentivize owners to get out with their pets.

Similarly, the FitBark has the same idea, but provides both resting hours and active hours in the course of the day. Most of the devices at CES had one big problem, though: they're dog only. Maybe 2016 will be the year of the cat.

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