Tech We Can’t Live Without: IKEA Fado Lamp

Tech We Can’t Live Without: IKEA Fado Lamp

Mike Tyson
Sep 15, 2010

It's always an awesome feeling when you stumble upon a well designed, well priced solution that is so versatile it can be used anywhere. This is certainly the case for IKEA's Fado table lamp. We love them so much in fact, that we use them almost exclusively to light our entire apartment. After the jump we'll tell you why we love this mid-century throwback and just how we use it in our space.

IKEA produces three iterations of the Fado lamp: a pendant, downlight, and table version selling for $39.99, $29.99, and $19.99, respectively. We're going to focus on the table lamp but the other two look just as good but are a little less versatile and pricier. The 10", spherical lamp is made from mouth-blown glass that sits upon a simple 3-leg base. The impressively simple design harkens back to the mid-century/space age era which allows it to fit into many styles of décor. In fact, we actually prefer the perfectly spherical form to a more ovoid design from Jasper Morrison's much more expensive Glo series.

Jasper Morrison's Glo mini table lamp which retails for $144.
And speaking of price, Fado's accessible price tag allows you to buy in pairs for a more bold design statement around your house. We also tend to see Fado lamps pop up on our local Craigslist from time to time for $5-$10 cheaper than retail price.

The reason we like the Fado lamp, aside from its cheap price and pleasing design, is its adaptability to different situations. Its small enough to fit on a bookshelf or modular cube unit. You can plop it right on your floor or place it on a desk. And, thanks to the 4 holes in its base, it can even be rigged to hang on a wall, reminiscent of Naoto Fukasawa's wall mounted CD player for MUJI.

(2nd Image: Joni [Pörrö] licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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