Tech We Still Lug Around...Even When We Probably Shouldn't

Tech We Still Lug Around...Even When We Probably Shouldn't

Campbell Faulkner
Nov 19, 2010


As we were taking inventory of our house and trying to decide of things to part with we noticed that we are still lugging around old bits left over from college. Many of the items are old, battered or just stored away with little foreseeable usage ahead. We were wondering why and how we have kept these items as we begin to get ready to move. Below is a list of things we have kept and our usually bad justification for doing so.

  1. Mini Fridge: While an important part of any man cave we are still lugging around our old dorm fridge. We are not sure if it is its impeccable fo wood veneer or the fact we used to get novelty our of stuffing it full with Miller High Life but we cannot ever let go of it. Many of our friends feel the same way and hide theirs in garages or closets. The fridge will most likely live on since it has been in use in our apartment and hopefully will in our future one as well.

  2. CRT Televisions: God only knows why people like to store and keep old CRT's. At this point it is tough to even give them away. Many like me hold on to old CRT TVs in the hope that they can be used again. With old tech like that it pulls at my heart strings like an old 4th gen iPod that never gets used. TVs should be given a new life like Maxwell did with his old ipod, do not leave your busted CRT on your stoop but do make sure someone else can enjoy and use it.
  3. iPods, Laptops, Old Computer: High priced small tech always seems to linger in most peoples home. Be it the high price initially or residual sentimental attachment these old bits seem to be the hardest to let go. We know of a friend who still has all three of her now dead or outdated laptops sitting in a box with the old power adapters. These are items that should be recycled or given away to those who might make use of them.

Organizing Tips:

Tell us what old tech you keep around even when you should get rid of it.

(Top image: flickr member pvera, TV image flickr member Samiz Eyez both licensed under Creative Commons)

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