Tech You'll Always Want With You While Biking

Tech You'll Always Want With You While Biking

Range Govindan
Aug 4, 2010

Depending on where you're located, a lot of people enjoy going out for dusk bike rides, going out just a few minutes before the sun sets to make sure that they can ride their bike without getting nasty sunburn. I usually set out 30 to 45 minutes before sundown. That gives me ample time to get a bike ride in before it gets pitch dark. However, what kind of tech should you take with you on these nearly nighttime rides?

1. LED Lights
Lighting has come a long way from the time of the bicycle dynamo. Most modern lighting involves LED in some form or the other. There are cheap LEDs, there are expensive LED systems for off-road biking during the night. All in all, I've found that two extremely bright LED bike flashlights work the best. One of them is set to blink and the other just gives a nice illuminated path. In most places, darkness falls pretty quickly, and it can be dangerous to go out without any lighting. I also use rear red colored lighting, which flashes while I ride. There are various manufacturers. The one I like is S-Sun, which will cost you $30 to $85, depending on the overall brightness you choose.

2. GPS Unit: Garmin Edge 500
I never go anywhere without lugging around my Edge 500, especially on bike rides and runs. The Garmin Edge 500 is one of the cheapest ways to track your workout. It's also quite light, at only 2 ounces. It's a cinch to mount and very handy to have around.

3. Cell phone
While I personally dislike cell phones, they are extremely handy to have if anything goes wrong. When you go out and it becomes dark, your chances of having an accident get greater. It's happened to me a few times last year, and I was very grateful to have my cell phone.

4. Camera
There's always something nice that you see on a bike ride, if you're not speeding along that is. In those cases, it's nice to have a camera along. While I don't carry a dedicated point-and-shoot for these situation, my 3.2 MP cell phone camera from my Cybershot phone functions well enough for me. I updated the microSD card to 8GB so that I can take thousands of photos with it.

Lastly, I'd recommend taking a spare tube and tire for your wheels, a basic toolkit, lots of water, and some food in the form of an energy bar or drink to boost you while you pedal away the summer.

[all photos by Range]

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