Tech You've Learned To Live Without

Tech You've Learned To Live Without

Kristen Lubbe
Jun 30, 2010

Earlier today we wrote a post about your techorating game plan. We realized when we wrote that post that we do have quite a bit of tech, and maybe during this redecorating we will purge some of it. Coming to the realization that you no longer need a piece of tech is always an interesting experience.

It's interesting because well, you feel old. When we realized we didn't need our DVD player anymore, we thought, well damn &mdash that means we're old (old at 26, mind you!). We've come up with our list of tech we've learned to live without:

1. DVD Player &mdash we use our PS3 for all of our movie watching. There are so many movies you can watch straight from the console, or download (through iTunes, of course, wink wink).
2. CD's &mdash Our computers are networked, so if we need to share data, we do it wirelessly. If we're sharing data with someone outside of our home, we use a thumb drive. They're so inexpensive now, we remember when it was $100+ for a 2GB drive.
3. iPod &mdash Most smart phones come with a music player. We have an old school iPod that just sits on the shelf in our office. We have an iPhone, so there's no need for an extra music player.
4. CD Player &mdash This is in conjunction with the previous two. Honestly cannot remember the last time we touched a CD filled with music. We have plenty of records, those are the things you should be holding onto!

We know there have got to be more, but those are the pieces of technology that used to rule our lives and now we feel so free. There's no longer a reason to run to Best Buy or Staples to see who has the better deal on the 80 pack of CD's and DVD's. There's also no reason to run to FYE and hope and pray that the new album from your favorite band isn't going to cost you $34.99 &mdash everything is electronic now, everything is instant.

Of course we know that not everyone is on board with the instant gratification that is our world today, and while we certainly appreciate the old ways &mdash we're embracing the new. We still have our DVD collection because we can play the discs in our PS3 &mdash we just realized there's no real need to lug around that hefty CD collection anymore.

We're embracing this technological change one day at a time &mdash what tech have you learned to live without?

(Images: Indaba Music, Ripping Through a CD Collection)

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