Technology And Being A South Paw

Technology And Being A South Paw

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 14, 2010

My entire life I've faced adversity when it comes to everyday items and situations because I'm left handed. Scissors pinch, can openers are frustrating and heaven help me if I go out to dinner and have to sit on the inside of a booth, unable to move my eating arm. When it comes to technology and media devices, well that's a whole other story.

Growing up in the 80's in a home with 4 computers, I was an oddity. My father's job demanded the influx of tech and before that we had all the up to date audio and visual equipment. Growing up in an age where tech was advancing, I found myself adapting my left handedly-challenged ways without a second thought.

Although I'm sure it's easier for right handers to mouse, it's something that's never phased me. It's never bothered me that all record player arms are on the right hand side as well. It was just a way of life and although both tasks involve motions that should have been abnormal for me, because I was trained at such an early age to work around them — I was able to learn without adversity.

Many cell phones are geared for right handers with a larger amount of frequently used keys on the right hand side. Assuming you're holding it in your right hand, it's easier to press the hot keys without reaching or needing two hands to text or get things done. My own personal journey doesn't lie with fighting my cell phone due to my preferred hand, but rather in knowing that it's smarter than I am!

Even though I'm still inherently annoyed when I have to buy a new baseball glove or even a spatula (sometimes the backs are flat and the other side tapered, so when you scrape it down the bowl it's backwards), in the world of tech, it's become so a part of my everyday life that I've become well adjusted to living in a right handers world.

Are you left handed? Share your story of adapting to struggles and challenges below!

(Image: The Simpsons, Flickr member mulmatsherm licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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