Technology As A Tool For Autism

Technology As A Tool For Autism

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 20, 2010

We talked recently about what the right age is to introduce children to technology and many of our readers were all about integration and balance. Some were opposed to any exposure, but a recent account of how Mark Buzzard, father of a 2 year old autistic child will surely change even their mind. It's a gateway to communication, relaxation and understanding.

The folks over at Electronic House shared an interesting story about Mark Buzzard who has put his gadgets and devices to use with pictures for his son. Autism is made a little easier when visual communication is made in addition to a parent's commands or words. The two together is helping his little one easy stress and anxiety that normal every day actions like getting ready for the day or even eating can cause.

We're excited to see if there are developers working on apps with basics to help out parents in this position so instead of having to upload and catalog photos to help that they will someday be able to speak to an iPad and have it pull up the photo they need. Being able to have a device that goes everywhere with you, not having to tote flash cards and other assorted items to help get your message across would just be leaps and bounds.

We hope to see more apps and programs being developed for those with disabilities as children of all ages have the ability to operate computers and other devices and would help tremendously in their progress and ability to socialize and interact with a world that can feel so very distant.
Read Mark's Full Story at Electronic House

Electronic House

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