Teenage Engineering's DIY Styrofoam Turntable

Teenage Engineering's DIY Styrofoam Turntable

Gregory Han
Apr 29, 2009

Anthony posted about the continuing trend of the turntables returning back into home audio setups earlier today, something we're not surprised since audiophiles and music snobs alike agree that vinyl just sounds better. The tactile quality of putting that needle on the record ("...as the drum beat goes like this..."); that first scratchy audible scratchy"thoomp-scrrrr" before the music begins still ranks amongst our favourite sounds. The design team over at Teenage Engineering must share our affinity for the old tech, as they've produced this DIY concept turntable made mostly out of high density styrofoam, designed in the exact dimensions as that of a LP cover. Although the team over at Crave note the choice in material "sucks for sustainability" (not to mention durability), we could imagine the use of corn-based foam or recycled wood to improve the green factor of this DIY concept...

Teenage Engineering as it stands isn't looking to produce the turntable commercially, which begs the question of whether they'd consider offering it as a downloadable DIY plan with components listings. Why not make it a downloadable plan so others can experiment with materials beside high density foam (or perhaps with leftover foam from packaging). Here's what they list on their site for those of you who might want to piece something together yourself:

  • 45 / 33 rpm, with finetuning knob
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Built in Amplifier
  • USB connection for transferring audio to computer
  • Effects Knob for Delay, Chorus etc.
  • Volume Knob
  • RCA output
  • 3.5mm Headphone output

This might be something our DIY project guru Peter could muster up. Peter? Anyone? Hello...?

[via Crave]

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