8 TV Roommates Who Make Living Together Look Easy

updated May 3, 2019
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Oscar and Felix. Laverne and Shirley. Monica and Rachel. Leonard and Sheldon. Television is rife with examples of iconic television roommates. It makes sense since the roommate experience is both universal and full of the ups and downs that make it appealing for television. There’s comedy! There’s drama! There’s please for the love of Oprah can you get your dishes out of the sink.

Okay, on television the stakes are much higher than dirty dishes, but still, for decades TV roommates have reflected the idea that having a roommate can be at times terrible and exhausting, but also it can be wonderful. Because of that, TV will never tire of pairing people off and putting them into confined spaces to watch what unfolds, and what kind of bonds are formed. With that in mind, let’s take a look at nine roommate pairings currently living together and making the absolute best of things on television today.

Will and Grace, um, Will & Grace

You can’t have a TV roommate conversation and not mention Will and Grace. After twenty years, they are still making us laugh, cry, and wish we lived with our best friend-business partner-soulmate. They’ve weathered many highs and lows as roommates and friends – except for that one time they didn’t and stopped speaking to each other for two decades but we, like the show, will forget that ever happened. Long live Will and Grace!

Jane and Alba, Jane the Virgin

One of the most delightful surprises after Jane the Virgin made its three year time jump was learning that Jane had moved back into her childhood home with her abuela. Even though Alba helped raise Jane, Alba learns just as much from living with her granddaughter as Jane does living with Alba. Serious question: Are there any other roommates who can make you cry simply by having a conversation on a porch swing?

Kimmy and Titus, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

They may not have much, but they have each other. There’s no way Titus would’ve survived his heartbreak over Mikey without Kimmy. And Titus helped Kimmy on her journey to discovering her dream of becoming a crossing guard. Sure, they almost went their separate ways because Titus thought he ate Dionne Warwick (he didn’t) – but who hasn’t fought over that? And like all great roommate pairings, the two make up over a series of awesome, long-awaited high fives.

Liza and Maggie, Younger

Not all BFFs can live together, but Liza and Maggie make it look easy. It doesn’t hurt that Liza spends most of her energy having to keep her true identity a secret from her colleagues. But something tells me they’d make it work regardless. I mean, it’s much more efficient to live with the person you like to vent to, especially when you’re involved in as much romantic drama as these two are.

Alexis and David, Schitt’s Creek

Ah yes, the Rose siblings. Over the course of four seasons, Alexis and David have been learning how to be siblings by learning how to be roommates. It can’t be easy to go from the privileged life they once knew to sharing a rundown motel room in a town called Schitt’s Creek. And although at times they pretend like they are disgusted by one another, they love each other. That probably makes sharing a bathroom for the first time in their lives a little easier.

Jane and Sutton, The Bold Type

Are you watching The Bold Type on Freeform? You should be. Jane, Sutton, and Kat are our three leading ladies taking on NYC and the magazine publishing industry. Jane and Sutton also live together in addition to being gal pals. Their apartment is tiny, but there’s more than enough room for the two ladies to figure out romantic troubles (so, so many), career choices (these are daunting), and health scares (hold me!) together.

Vince and Matthew, Champions

Vince and Matt are another new pairing, but even with the little we’ve seen of these brothers living together, they are stellar. Vince is a little uptight and a lot arrogant, while Matt is the lovable dummy – they make a great team! This especially comes in handy when Vince’s estranged son Michael comes to live with them – for awhile they even share a bed. If that’s not some brotherly roommate bonding, what is?

Bert and Ernie (and Rubber Duckie), Sesame Street

These two crazy kids are still living it up in the place where the air is sweet. Bert may get annoyed with Ernie every single day, but he just can’t seem to shake the guy. Neither would work without the other! Plus, after almost 50 years, who really wants to move?