Tell Us: What’s the Most You’ve Ever Spent on a Mattress?

published May 20, 2014
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For the first four years of our marriage, my husband and I slept on the queen mattress I bought after college. But when we moved from Georgia to Florida (with two children who liked to climb in bed with us for a good morning snuggle), we decided it was time to upgrade to a king.

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We chose a Serta iComfort, and spent $2500 for the mattress and a standard 9″ foundation. The amount was more than we’d wanted to spend, and more than we’d saved for a mattress (we had to put other things on hold), but three years later we are still very, very happy with the purchase.

I’d been interested in a memory foam mattress because I felt like they provided better support, but we definitely didn’t want to spring (haha) for a Tempurpedic. I loved the idea of a Keetsa, especially after lying on a friend’s in San Francisco. But there was nowhere close to us where we could try them out with the intention of buying, and we weren’t comfortable buying a mattress we hadn’t tested out.

We thought briefly about the really budget friendly memory foam mattresses at Costco, but I got turned off by several negative reviews about the mattress dipping after a year, etc. I’m a buy-for-the-long-haul type of gal. We also tried the foam mattresses at IKEA, but didn’t find any we were comfortable on.

So we ended up doing the old lie down on a bunch of beds together in full public view thing at the furniture store where we’d gotten some other pieces for our new house, and we fell in love with the iComfort. We were impressed by the quality of the foam, and like that the edges were reinforced and that the cooling technology was supposed to be superior (this is Florida, after all). And in testing it out, I was happy to discover that I couldn’t feel my husband tossing and turning and sitting down hard on his side. Oh, and we also really liked the 25-year warranty!

Switching from a traditional mattress to memory foam definitely took some getting used to. I felt a bit like I had to climb to turn over, if that makes sense. But after a week, we were completely sold, and now whenever we travel, even when the hotels have those “dream beds,” we can’t wait to get back to our mattress!

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a mattress? Are you happy with the decision you made? What would be your next mattress purchase?