Tell Us Your Internet Provider Woes

Tell Us Your Internet Provider Woes

Jul 5, 2007

This is one topic we haven't talked about much, how we get to the internet from our homes. A recent move (and provider switch) inspired us to ask, who provides your internet and more importantly, are you satisfied with it?

We'll tell you our story. We recently moved and saw it as a chance to switch providers and get in on one of their six month deals. So, we looked around and saw that Comcast was the best bang for our buck. Despite the savings, the headache of the installation process makes us wish we hadn't bothered.

We've had Comcast before, and generally have no complaints with their service. This time installation has driven us mad, and think it's their big company practices that cause the problems. We signed up online, which was great and did all of the annoying holding for customer service over a chat window. We clearly discussed what services and devices we needed and what prices we would be paying. Sounds great? None of this discussion held up during the install.

First, when the technician showed up, he had two digital cable boxes ready to be installed. We never requested this, and think it was a veiled attempt on Comcast's part to get us to decide on the fly to install an extra one. Extra box means more money for them. We fought that battle without any resistance.

Second, we didn't have a TV, and the technician refused to leave a box without one. We had to explain that our TV would be through our computer and we did not have that unpacked yet. There would never be a TV for him to test the box out on. A little discussion and we got him to back down. Score one for us.

Third, we were planning to use our old cable modem (which we've done many times with many providers), the technician said this is a no-go. Apparently our modem was "discontinued" and we needed to rent one from Comcast, which he had conveniently brought up with him into the apartment. We were tired, we thought this actually might be true and we let him leave it. It wasn't, our modem is on their supported list and now we need to call and get rid of this rented modem.

And finally, the bill. It wasn't what were quoted at all, and almost twice what we expected. Now we need to call and get that fixed. So much for avoiding the customer service phone call. But at least, we have our service needs and quote in writing.

We're sure some of you have had a worse situation, or maybe a glowing referral. Help someone out in the comments.

Thanks malik ml williams and rick for the appropriate photos!

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