Tell us Your Snooze Style (and Learn How to Change It!)

Tell us Your Snooze Style (and Learn How to Change It!)

Taryn Williford
Oct 11, 2010

Ah, the snooze button. That amazing little plastic button that, when you push it, can delay an undesirable event from happening for 9 minutes. But the truth is that those 9 blissful minutes come at the expense of your sleep—and your overall health. Tell us if you're a die-hard snooze-er, then learn a few ways how you can change your snooze style when you read more.

Good morning, Unplggd! We're awake on yet another Monday morning, which means one thing—we've hit the snooze button at least five or six times. Weekday mornings always have us feeling sluggish, so we repeatedly smack the snooze button, hoping that we'll feel better after another 9 minutes of sleep.

But of course, we never do.

The snooze button has long been protested by sleep experts. They say that 9 minutes isn't long enough to get into any kind of quality sleep cycle, actually increasing your sleep debt and making you more sluggish than if you'd just wake up with one later alarm.

So how do you get from "Snooze Addict" to "Sound Sleeper"? Try one of these tips on for size, whether you're an occasional snooze-er, or an "I-need-to-go-to-meetings" snooze addict:

Casual Snoozer:

  • Set your bedroom lights to a timer so that they turn on at the moment your alarm goes off. Even if you hit snooze, it will be harder to get back to sleep.

  • Put your alarm clock or cell phone on the other side of the room. Make sure it's loud, and that it's far enough away to keep you from walking back to bed.

  • Make the snooze button worthless. Super glue it down, yank it off or get an electrician to disable it.

Snooze Junkie:

  • Torture others. Set your alarm for your normal wake-up time, but also set a second alarm five minutes later—in somebody else's room. When you wake up, you'll know that you have to walk to shut off the second alarm before it goes off.

  • Set your alarm clock inside a combination-locked trunk with an external speaker attached. Then try, just try to fall back to sleep after opening it up and hitting snooze.

(Images: Flickr user muctoff under license from Creative Commons, Flickr user L'Olio under license from Creative Commons)

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