Templeton Magazine Rack

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Operation Periodical Discipline. A campaign against the onslaught of magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and other paper tigers that can quickly overwhlem all other home organization achievements. Without Operation Periodical Discipline, you could lose sight of your coffee table, your bedside shelves, the top of your toilet tank…

Operation Periodical Discipline requires a multi-faceted plan of attack. The primary front plays out on the Internet: get as much of your info as you can online and cancel corresponding subscriptions.

The secondary front is interpersonal: enforce a household rule that if a publication is more than three months old, it must be given away or recycled, even if it’s still unread (or even unflipped-through).

And if the enemy still broaches the line, you’ll have to send in reinforcements: a nice magazine rack (or two, at most) with enough capacity for no more than three months of glossy softbound reading material. Limit what you will take in to to what your rack can hold.

We nominate this one, from Furni. It comes in veneered beech, dark or light, with a white, bent acrylic pocket and rubber feet, for $88. Furni is also selling their samples right now however, and these are a better deal, at $66 apiece.

Available here.