Tempo Time Tag

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Quick time. We have a problem with time. We tend to forget it and have a very poor ability to judge how long something will take or when we should leave to get THERE. To heighten our awareness we began to collect clocks. It worked. We actually are more aware of time these days (and we enjoy the clocks).

The newest one we have spied is from Vessel. The Tempo Time Tag is another ingenious little marketing device from this Canadian duo (Duane & Stefane), and builds on the popularity of their Candela rechargable candles….

They are finding new ways of integrating old fashioned things into our daily lives.

We like the Tempo because of it’s price ($18 for two) and because it is wearable. We can imagine clipping it to a notebook, a bag or inside a coat as a durable, attractive reminder to keep us on track. MGR