Ten Design Ideas That I Want In My Dream Home

Ten Design Ideas That I Want In My Dream Home

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 24, 2014
(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

Everyone has a dream home that they're building in their head, and I've been building mine on Pinterest for a few years now. Whether it ever gets built isn't the point anymore, as it's become a working repository of ideas that I love and which are slowly evolving. It's also a place where I think I've discovered some strong trends. Below are the top ten that I've pulled from my Dream Home board and I'd be curious to know what your dream home looks like. Pin it and put the link in the comments below!

(Image credit: Via Snob Fashion Source)

1. Black & White

I used to be attracted to softer colors and tones, but it's changing. Black and white with all its contrast and freshness feels bold and new but classic to me. I see this house has been very stark and clean, but warmed up by rich dark colors, including black.

(Image credit: Via Architizer)
(Image credit: Via ArchDaily)

2. Modern Barn

The simple, pleasing shape of a barn provides a big central room, the potential for high ceilings, and a much less expensive structure than a conventional house. I've seen many of these coming from Scandinavia and some are even black, which I love.

(Image credit: Ourico Architecture)

3. Bold Fireplace

The fireplace wants to be large, central, provide practical heat and make a statement at the same time. It should be easy to access and keep stoked, and lots of wood should be stored around it, adding to the sense of material surplus and affordable luxury.

(Image credit: Via The Boo and the Boy)

4. Bunkbeds!

To make maximum use of space and provide lots of extra beds (for children or adults), I would build in bunk beds just like the picture above. I would like to see one room with four bunkbeds. I would overdo it. :)

(Image credit: Dinesen)

5. Large Plank Wood Floors

I found this company years ago: Dinesen. They make really beautiful, wide plank floors which are also very expensive. I love them however and would try to get this look, possibly with old wood or barn wood. The main thing is that the width of the wood allows the floor not to be as visually cluttered and gives a calmer appearance.

(Image credit: Via Blood and Champagne)

6. Large Steel Windows & Doors

I honestly don't know how I'd fit this into my barn fantasy, but I think it might be possible. The main thing is that the windows are large, with a slight industrial feeling and a crisp black frame that sets them off against the white interior. Interior doors could be glass with steel frames as well.

I took this picture of a large elm table that I saw at High Point - Circa Imports - a few years ago.
(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

7. Too Long Dining Table

The center of this home is going to be a huge, long, narrow dining table which can comfortably seat two or twenty. It can also be a work table, a food prep table and a place to do arts and crafts. It will not be a precious table that anyone worries about.

(Image credit: Via BlogLovin)

8. Fur & Pelts

In this minimalist interior softness and warmth are super important, but need to be as elemental and rustic as the other materials, hence fur, faux fur and (best) wool pelts are going to be used liberally.

(Image credit: Via Lisa Congdon)

9. Happy Strange Wallpaper

This is a new idea from the past year that intersects with the minimal black and white theme, but, again, I think it can work. I've been finding really cool, deeply colored wallpaper that I love as an accent and a shot of color in the midst of the interior. The one above I found on Lisa Congdon's site and believe it's Scandinavian.

(Image credit: Via Arch Daily)

10. Window Seats

I can't see any reason at all not to design a dream home around window seats. They allow for plenty of great, low storage, a lovely surface for sitting, more storage or artwork and they are architectural COMFORT FOOD. In other words they're inviting and provide more opportunity to get comfortable within the home.

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