Ten Essentials: All The Furniture You Need

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you have the 10 essentials? Brooklyn designer, David Metzger, has solved all your problems. With 10 pieces of furniture, your apartment is done! Having designed furniture for architects for years, he launched his 10 Essentials line four years ago in an effort to solve the biggest and most common problems that architects and interior designers were constantly coming to him with. An unabashed lover of clean, modern furniture, Metzger has boiled all of his knowledge down into 10 classic solutions that can work across a broad spectrum of contemporary interiors.

Made in Canada by a small run shop, each piece is meticulously veneered in Douglas Fir. Different woods can be chosen, such as the trendy dark wenge or oak, as well as different stains or finishes. And the prices? Very competitive. While custom order changes will raise your bill, the standard prices are more than reasonable for work this fine:

Queen Bed w. 6 Drawers – $3615
Low Dresser w. 6 Drawers – $3380
High Dresser w. 5 Drawers – $3000
Dining Table (6′) – $3185
Dining Table (8′) – $3380
Bookshelf (shown) – $4800

And if you like his style, Metzger will show you more as he does custom design/build work and can take care of even more than 10 Essentials. MGR