Ten Etsy Shops for the Tabletop

This time of year I just LOVE to shop for my tabletop. As I plan the holiday dinner and cocktail parties I’m hosting, I always discover that I’m missing a dish here or a serving piece there. Picking out a few vintage, modern and original items can really take the presentation of your table to the next level and allow your unique style to stand out.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Etsy shops that sell vintage, homemade, and kitschy items to get you started on (or to further) your tabletop collection. See the featured items below, and what else is in each shop:

1. Etsy Shop: 5gardenias
Featured Item: 1960s silver banded ombre low ball glasses, $58 for set of 8
If you’re looking for: Vintage dishware from the 1930’s-1960’s with a very Don Draper flare.

2. Etsy Shop: tilly maison
Featured Item: Black/White Chevron Stripe Lucite Tray, $40
If you’re looking for: Mod lucite trays in neon colors

3. Etsy Shop: Burlap and Blue
Featured Item: Cupcake Stand/Dessert Pedestal-Modern Bird, $26
If you’re looking for: Swedish-inspired cake stands and dessert platters

4. Etsy Shop: Blue Flower Vintage
Featured Item: Vintage Cathrineholm Catherineholm Dutch Oven Lotus, $90
If you’re looking for: Vintage cookware in bright colors: Dansk!

5. Etsy Shop: Golden Swear
Featured Item: Vintage Kitschy Mallard/Duck Stein, $21
If you’re looking for: Kitschy serving accents, salt and pepper shakers, vintage colorful candy dishes

6. Etsy Shop: Appetite Home
Featured item: Napkins, Yellow with Robin Print, $22 for set of four
If you’re looking for: Handprinted tea towels, napkins, pot holders, pillows in subtle Anthropolgie-esque designs

7. Etsy Shop: 50 Splinters
Featured Item: Veggies Cutting Board, $20.95
If you’re looking for: Cutting boards to display with cheeses, veggies, and meats, all in interesting shapes (check out the pig!)

8. Etsy Shop: Mom’s Antiques N Things
Featured Item: Homer Laughlin Bone Dishes The Angelus Set of 6 White Gold, $30 for set of six
If you’re looking for: Everything you can’t wait for Grandma to give you; bone china, demitasse cups, silver pitchers

9. Etsy Shop: Happiest Days Designs
Featured Item: Sweetheart Personalized Dessert Set for Two, $66
If you’re looking for: Customizable, extremely gift-able glasswares

10. Barking Sands Vintage
Featured Item: Royal Haeger Textured Pottery Center Bow, $48
If you’re looking for: Shabby Chic and vintage milk glass

Images: As noted above