10 Things You've Procrastinated About… But Should Do Now

10 Things You've Procrastinated About… But Should Do Now

Eric Chen
Sep 5, 2011

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend. Use these last minutes of the long weekend to make it easier to get back on track tomorrow. Join us as we hammer out this post five minutes before it's due and discover some things that you've been holding off on but should do now. So you can finally cross them off of that to-do list.

1. Perform a system/software update. This is the thing that bugs you every time you're in the middle of work and you just click "Later." For you OS X users, maybe it's time to get your Lion on. And Windows users, know that every update you do will make your machine a little faster and a little more secure. It could also mean checking which version your browser of choice is at, updating all the plug-ins and extensions. Oftentimes, slowdowns and system errors are caused by out of date software, drivers and other components that can be easily updated at the press of a few buttons. Do it today.

2. Back up your hard drive. This is something we all know should be doing regularly but most of us don't. Now is a good time to back up your files to an external drive or to the cloud. Also take this time to set up an automated system to back up your files, with solutions such as Time Machine. Check out some of what options you have to back up your files and keep them safe from fire, nuclear blasts and babies.

3. Optimize your computer. Does your computer seem like it's showing its age, not running as smoothly as the day you got it? Issue such as disk fragmentation and system errors can slow your computer down drastically. Take this time to defragment hard drive and clear any temporary files. Also take a look at some of your system settings and see if they are suited to your use, uninstall anything thing that you may not need. Here are a couple of links to get you started, one for OSX users and helpful tips from Microsoft for PC users.

4. Organize your email inbox. Although I consider myself an organized person, my inbox is a mess. I often rely on the search feature to find those old emails with crucial information. Take this long weekend to get your inbox in order. Even if you already have folders and filters set up, it's good to look back on the year and see if any new one needs to be set up or filters changed. For those that are getting started check out our tips for setting up you gmail inbox.

5. Clean your tech gears. All that gunk building up on your camera is probably going to affect your shot. Use your break to clean up your tech gear so when the time comes, you won't have to scramble for cleaning supplies. It is also important to open it up your computer and clean your fan and blow away the dust, having proper cooling will dramatically improve the performance of your machine. Check out some of our tips on cleaning here, here and here.

6. Clean up your workspace. As part of cleaning to optimize your tech gear, it is also crucial to clean up your work area to optimize your workflow. It's time to put in some cable management for that new monitor you hastily set up in excitement. Make sure your work space works with how you work. take out items you don't need on your desk and make sure you have exactly what you need right where you can reach them. Check out our tips on cleaning up your workspace.

7. Upload your summer pictures. If you're a casual photographer like me, always holding the pictures hostage in my memory card, simply because I'm too lazy to process our photos. It's time to catch up on your summer photo uploads and show them off to your friends and relatives. Check out our tips on how you can organize that 3 months worth of photo mess once they're on your computer, or some ways you can automate mundane photo processing. Maybe we just all need to get an Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card.

8. Update your resume/professional profiles. Whether your currently in the job market or looking for new opportunities or even if you're not thinking of either, it is essential to keep your resume updated. Take the time to go through some of your major accomplishments in the last year to see if you need to add to your resume. Don't forget to also update your LinkedIn profile, along with those you have on various job hunting sites. You never know when your resume will catch someone's eyes with new and exciting opportunities. Check out some of our app roundup for job seekers to see if you're all set up for the hunt.

9. Stock up on supplies for your office. Are you missing the blue in that color printer of yours? Now it's the perfect time to take stock of your home office inventory and see if there's anything that you need to order. If you haven't already, make an inventory of your office supplies and set up schedules to stock up, so next time you won't be in your current predicament. Check out our tips on how to create an inventory with Compartments for Mac, and some stylish ways you can store all that supplies you got. Or how you can save money by making your own office supplies.

10. Conduct a Home Energy Audit. Did those summer electric bills shock you? Avoid this for the grueling winter but conducting a home energy audit. Check out our tips on some ways you can conduct your own home energy audit (for free!) and see what are some ways you can calculate and reduce the use of electricity in your home.

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