Calling All Green Thumbs: There’s a Plant Themed Amusement Park in France

published May 28, 2017
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If you’re the type who loves nothing more than digging around in fresh soil, harvesting food and flowers you’ve grown yourself, and just generally enjoy being surrounded by greenery, then we’ve got a suggestion for your next vacation. Terra Botanica is a plant themed amusement park located in France.

If Disneyland Paris isn’t your cup of tea, then there’s another amusement park you can check out on your next trip to France. Located in Western part of the country near the city of Angers, Terra Botanica is about two and a half hours from the City of Lights.

The plant packed paradise is more than just your average botanical garden, though there are quite a few gardens and even a butterfly greenhouse to scratch that itch. At Terra Botanica, there are also plenty of rides and exhibits to keep nature lovers of all ages occupied. Take the Origins of Life garden, which holds plants that span thousands of years from when forests first appeared, to when humans first began planting crops—with some dinosaurs along the way. Kids can dig for fossils and watch a T-Rex come to life.

There are also boat rides on the Loire river, on barge style boat called a gabarre. If you prefer an aerial view, the park has a hot air balloon, and a “Journey in a Nutshell,” where you can travel through the park inside of a giant walnut (hopefully safe from giant squirrels).

For more indoor types, there’s a theater that has 4D experiences that take you inside a plant or on a dinosaur safari. Another attraction lets you “relive the magical saga of the tulip, hydrangea and rose while enjoying their delicate scents.” Well, the nose knows.

Tickets for children ages 4 to 17 start at €14 and individual adults at €20.