TerraCycle Turns Old Computers and Printers into Flower Pots

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re still slugging our way through January, but we can’t wait for Spring, when we can start gardening again. We have a yard that’s filled with concrete unfortunately, so we do all our gardening in pots. We’re always on the look out for cool looking pots, and if they come with an even cooler story the better.

TerraCycle’s Urban Pots are made from 100% e-waste. You heard that right! You can rest a little easier when you go to upgrade your printer this year knowing that some of the states’ computers, fax machines, and other e-peripherals destined for the dump are actually being harvested for their plastics, which are then crushed and turned into planters.

What’s interesting about e-waste is that it’s like 30 different polymers together. And typically, recycling centers have trouble recycling a bunch of different polymers…[W]e created a method where we could take used — or all sorts of mixed polymers and make it into a finished product. And that first started by us launching a pot…and we created the graffiti pot where all these inner city artists painted these plastic pots made from crushed computers, and that became the TerraCycle Urban Art Pot.
[TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky in GreenBiz.com]

TerraCycle hired six local artists to paint the 8-inch pots by hand so each pot is unique. Below is a video of the project.