Terrazzo Attraction: Super-Easy DIY Magnet Tutorial

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Cat Meschia)

Terrazzo is coming back in new and exciting ways! Love the modern takes but just want to take a tiny dive? Add some Terrazzo to your kitchen or desk with a mix of DIY Terrazzo magnets!

What You’ll Need

Polymer clay
Wax paper
Gel Superglue (like Loctite Gel or Gorilla Glue Superglue Gel)


Step 1. Roll out your base color to approximately ¼-inch thickness on wax paper. You’ll want your magnets to be slightly thick so when they’re moving around on your fridge they won’t snap and break. Roll out your ‘fleck’ color clay to even thickness and chop into pieces. Pro Tip 1: You can use cornstarch to keep the clay from sticking to the wax as long as you make sure not to mix it into the clay. Pro Tip 2: Use the same brand of clay throughout, especially if you’re mixing colors. The different formulas have different bake times and make the clay sticky mess.

(Image credit: Cat Meschia)

Step 2. You have 3 options for how to add the fleck pieces to the base:

  1. Drop your base piece over the pile of chopped flecks
  2. Place fleck pieces one by one on the base
  3. Sprinkle the flecks over the base

Each method has a different result. Ultimately, you’ll want flecks overlapping to achieve the terrazzo look. And if you decide you want more color here or more overlap there, you can always add more flecks before baking!

(Image credit: Cat Meschia)

Step 3. Cover with wax paper and gently roll over. Your flecks should be nice and incorporated into the base. Cut out desired shapes and bake according to clay package instructions.

(Image credit: Cat Meschia)

Step 4. Once the terrazzo pieces have completely cooled, superglue the magnets to the back. If you try to glue the magnets when the clay is still hot the glue will not set properly. Gel superglue is recommended for binding polymer clay and metal as it’s flexible.

(Image credit: Cat Meschia)
(Image credit: Cat Meschia)
(Image credit: Cat Meschia)

And that’s it! This technique can be used for magnets, cute boxes, or even earrings! What will you terrazzo?

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